Movie Review: The WasherMan

There’s just nothing here to praise. Nothing to remember. And absolutely nothing that will leave you awed. We laughed out maybe only once. And that’s one hell of a Big “maybe”, because sincerely, we can’t remember laughing. Forceful and sorely predictable; ultimately ‘The Washerman’ is a sleeping pill you are better off doing without. Please, save your money.

Synopsis: A seemingly successful vlogger battles with self esteem issues as she desperately searches for true love. In her desperation, she says a prayer and when the answer comes, lets just say it was not what she expected.

IK Ogbonna, Etinosa Idemudia, Judith Audu, Chris Okagbue, Kunle Idow (Frank Donga), Iledare Oluwajuwonlo (Jaywon), Bryan Okwara, Olanrewaju Fasas (Sound Sultan).

Verdict: Not recommended. While ‘The Washerman’ is surprisingly not as terrible as you would expect, judging from its irresponsible looking poster, it most definitely is not worth paying premium to see in cinema. Closer in quality to an episode of ‘The Johnsons’ TV series than a premium offering, trust us when we say- You are better off waiting for it to meet you at home on TV.

Watch the trailer and get more details below:

Credit: CinemaPointer

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