Somkele Idhalama, Daniel K. Daniel, Linda Ejiofor and Eric Roberts star in ‘A Soldier’s Story: Return from the Dead’

Surely a star studded movie which stars top Nollywood actors, this movie is highly anticipated by millions of fans across the nation because its a list appearances.

A Soldier’s Story: Return From The Dead” is set to premiere this december and shooting has commenced!

Directed by Frankie Ogar and produced by Martin Gbados, the movie boasts of a star studded cast both from Hollywood and Nollywood. The cast includes: Eric Roberts, John J Vogel Jr, Alex Usifo, Akin Lewis, Segun Arinze, Linda Ejiofor, Somkele Idhalama, Michelle Dede, Daniel K. Daniel, Tope Tedela, Baaj Adebule, Samabasa Nzeribe and more.

A Soldier’s Story: Return from the Dead is set in two African countries: Nigeria and the fictional Watz Republic, as it explores the thematic concerns of love in uncertain circumstances, war, terrorism, insurgency, women’s rights, and emigration.

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