Movie Review: A Rose for Freddie

It is worse than “kindergarten material”. We have seen plays acted by children, give better accounts of themselves. Toddlers have been known for better acting performances than the all-round horrendous acting on parade here. This is preposterous!

With actors that move like robots, a terrible lack of chemistry and zombie-like dialogue deliveries, this laughable excuse for a movie will literally drive you crazy, leaving you irritated and aghast at the sheer boldness of those who dared put this travesty on the silver-screen.

In plain English; ‘A Rose for Freddie’ is absolute garbage. Run!

Verdict: Fervently, not recommended! ‘A Rose for Freddie’ is a hapless drama that is yet another notch in the string of embarrassments Nollywood keeps sneaking into cinemas. Trust us; if you value your money, don’t pay to see this filth.

Synopsis: After four years of graduate studies in the USA, a young man returns to Nigeria with brilliant entrepreneurial ideas and hopes for a magical future with his fiancee. But when his bright ideas encounter the realities of Nigeria’s broken system and his relationship with his fiancée is challenged by a friendship betrayed, life begins to spin out of control. He must think clearly and act quickly or loose it all.

Starring: Kiki Omeili, Freddie George, Osas Ighodaro Ajibade, Gregory Ojefua, Udoka Oyeka, Kocabelle Guemini, Lucianne Ukpabi.

Watch trailer and get more details below:

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