Movie Review: From Lagos With Love

Loveable and endearing, ‘From Lagos With Love’ tells several powerful stories intertwined with the eloquence and finesse of an expert fabric weaver. Telling it in a distinctively relatable way. And with acting so good, even the bad parts and “fake-ness” manage to fit in just right.

Nevertheless, if you are a stickler for detailed perfection, you might find yourself feeling a little off with certain aspects of the story telling- ‘From Lagos With Love’ is a ride that does get rough and jagged along the way, as the producers struggle to execute a few ideas.

The good news however is that they are able to quickly recover, every-time. Ensuring that, the rough patches don’t come anywhere near ruining the experience. And such a fantastic experience it was. Like ice cream, it’s literally delicious. Super Sweet! Don’t miss it.

Verdict: Recommended. ‘From Lagos With Love’ is Super Enjoyable- We were actually feeling mushy mushy with joy whilst seeing this. Though it’s not perfect, we loved it together with all its imperfections. If you love great drama, you can’t go wrong with this.

Synopsis: It is the holidays and the family must come together from far and wide to celebrate but then the youngest daughter is celebrating for a different reason, she is engaged to be married. This family movie shows the turmoil in an even happy family, demons we face individually and the power of love…wherever we may find it. (Written by FilmHouse Cinemas)

Enado Odigie, Shaffy Bello, Bimbo Manuel, Etim Effiong, Jon Ogah, Nonso Bassey, Sharon Ooja Egwurube, Damilola Adegbite.

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Credit: CinemaPointer

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