Movie Review: Merry Men – The Real Yoruba Demons

Merry Men is a joke and we are not laughing! To heel a production on the common Robin Hood folklore that most people grew up exploring through books and films and then fail to justify your own exploration with a story that actually works is annoying and near unforgivable.

In English literature and folklore, the Merry Men are the group of outlaws who follow Robin Hood in his escapades of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. We should have been cued into the fact that no proper exploration or representation of the Merry Men lore for a Nigerian audience would have been delivered by this film if only because the title also carries the tiresome phrase “The Real Yoruba Demons”, but hope springs eternal and is a big part of our character at Sodas ‘N’ Popcorn so we went into this movie optimistic.

The first scene of the film really sets the tone for the rest of the film in showing that story elements like theme, plot and even dialogue would be sacrificed again and again on the altar of flashiness. Merry Men is nothing outside a show of opulence that is also big on sex and the usage of the worst metaphors and references possible.

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