Movie Review: The Island

Such a shame really; ‘The Island’ is a waste of amazing talent, quality movie-props and a substantial production budget. Closely resembling a video game story-line, it’s as if it was made by a film-maker with temporary access to some real-life guns, who thought- “Hey! Let’s quickly make an action movie before they come and collect their thing”.

Consequently, rather than waiting for the perfect relatable story and script, they churned out a mishmash of scenes designed to permit them to shoot and stunt. Basically, instead of making a great movie like 2006’s ‘Blood Diamonds’ they make ‘The Expendables’ without Sylvester Stallone and none of the nostalgia that made that one worth seeing.

The result? A colossal waste. Waste of fantastic acting performances from Messrs Nzeribe, Arinze, Adebayo and Bahlofin. Plus waste of superb production, picture quality and even a soulful soundtrack for a soulless movie. So soulless it was, that after the screening, speaking to six different people (three men and three ladies) not a single one them had anything positive to say. They used adjectives like “boring”, “wack” and “senseless”.

Not satisfied, we prodded one guy a little further, because we had seen him and his friend laughing as they joined others in the audience to chant “Rambo” intermittently. His response- “How person go take pistol kill like seven people with machine gun? E no funny to you?” And as they walked away, his friend chirped in- “Nah stupid film.”

Verdict: Not recommended. ‘The Island’ is meaningless, sterile and wacky- An abstract action movie made solely for the sake of the action. Too soulless to be remembered, it is more suited to be seen on Africa Magic.

Synopsis: Enclosed in the cube queue of a military intelligence unit, Hamza, a colonel in the army intercepts a conversation between an unknown terrorist and an agent transacting a business deal on weapons sale. Triggered by an overwhelming excitement and eagerness to get the Intel to his commanding officer, Hamza makes the most shocking and terrifying discovery of his life.

Starring: Sambasa Nzeribe, Segun Arinze, Femi Adebayo Salami, Olusunkanmi Samuel Balofin, Tokunbor Idowu.

Sadly, we agree. Guns aren’t enough. Even action movies deserve hearts.

Watch trailer and get more details below:

Credit: CinemaPointer

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