Be Careful of Bad Advises From Friends – Watch BTS Of ‘The Wheel of Faith’

This a story of a young girl who got pregnant without knowing she’s pregnant because that was her first experience.

Star actress, Susan Peters played the role of Helen, who is a young mum, not bothered about her kids or environment, became wicked to a girl who she felt was a step daughter without knowing she was her daughter.

Chinenye Nwayemenam played the character Juliet, who dishes bad advise to Helen which later leads to the break of her marriage.

Ijeoma Richards also starred on this movie, she played the role of the family doctor of the Richard family.

Victor Emoji played the role of David, who is a child hood friend of Richard, due to the challenges of the society managed to find himself a wife who wasn’t happy with the way things were going.

The movie as a lot of moral lessons to teach each and everyone of us.

Watch the BTS below:

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