New Movie ‘Code Wilo’ Is Now Open To Private Screenings

Cut 24 Production’s political thriller, Code Wilo’s private screening is set to hold at Terra Culture on Friday, 1st March 2019. Speaking ahead of the premiere, the movie producer, Hauwa Allabura, expressed her delight in being able to explore her creative skills while telling a unique story.

“After my last movie “The Eve” I wanted to tell a story that is unique and relevant to the state of the country. One that beautifully explores the rich culture of our land and distinctively addresses the issues we are faced with,” she said.

Code Wilo, which was produced by Hauwa Allahbura, is a story that touches on themes like pre-election violence, politics, and the horrors caused by the powers that be in certain areas in the South-South pre-1999 democracy.

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